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                              THE MEETING AS A FORM OF STUDENTS’ SOCIAL INTERACTION WHILE                                         REALIZING PROJECT ACTIVITIES 


Sergeeva Svetlana Vasylyevna, Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, head of sub-department of pedagogy and psychology of higher education, Penza State Technological Academy,
Lebedev Igor Anatolyevich, Postgraduate student, Penza State Technological Academy,

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The urgency of attracting students into project activity causes the necessity to search for mechanisms and form of their social interaction. The article characterises a meeting as a type of social interaction of students in the process of project activity. The authors introduce the types of social interaction within the scope of a meeting, determine its purpose, classify it and present preparatory and holding technology. Quite valuable is the result of social interaction on a meeting explored by authors which is the formation of social competences in students. 

Key words

meeting, interaction, social interaction, meeting preparatory and holding technology, social interaction competence.

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